ZEITGEIST FOR HEY, YOU! (Tote bag Kanvas)

Label vinyl laser Hey, You!

label laser hey you zgt grosir tote bag

*Untuk pembelian wholesale lebih dari 10lusin, free label laser


Totebag sebelum dipasang tali

Made with Square InstaPic (www.studio8apps.com)

tote bag red

*red canvas tote bag.

tas kanvas

Tote bag garis-garis / Stripe tote bag

tote bag stripes stripes tote bag grosir murah

stripes tote bag

Tote Bag Flowery Canvas kombilasi dengan Plain Canvas :

tas murah

Flowery tote bag kombinasi

6 lusin tote bags siap kirim!! Yaaayyy!!!

Tote bag tribal stripes grosir


Yang ingin membeli grosir tote bag / grosir tas seperti ini silahkan hubungi kami ya! πŸ˜€

Free label jika pembelian lebih dari 6 lusin*

Please feel free to contact us if would like to order :

WA : +628888705984 / +6285700071984

Email : zeitgeiststore@gmail.com

Follow Instagram : @zeitgeiststore


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