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The Story Behind “RUMAH PRIMITIF”

“RUMAH PRIMITIF” reflects my respect and gratitude to, and my love for, my mother. After she retired from her job as nurse for more than 30 years, she wanted to keep working amidst the fact that she was no longer young.

And now she is busy making dolls made ​​of recycled burlap.

It started when this what-once-was-a-leisure-activity received so many positive responses in social media. All these works are pure hand-made and coming out of her wildest imagination. Her passion for adorable and funny figures has greatly influenced the characters of these dolls. Yes, they have characters, and they are cute too!

“Age is not an obstacle to continue working in so many creative ways,” said my mother.

Below are the Burlap Doll / Rag Doll / Primitive Doll  :

Boneka – boneka ini bisa dijadikan hadiah natal unik (christmas gift) / hadiah ulang tahun unik (birthday gift), yang bisa dikemas lucu >3

Link : http://www.rumahprimitif.wordpress.com

Instagram : @rumahprimitif





* upcycling, recycled products

Ibu saya juga bisa membuat boneka karakter versi goni / burlap doll’nya hehehehe!


  • Recycled burlap materials make the dolls look so natural, unique, and exclusive. Some of the dolls are even made of the combination of flannel, rag, and unbleached cotton.
  • Recycled burlap is made from gunny sacks through a three-stage process of laundering.
  • Create your own characters! RUMAH PRIMITIF also receives custom orders.
  • The dolls can be hand-carried, and treated as souveniers or home decorations.
  • Payment : Rupiah Account / Dollar acoount / Paypal
  • Shipment : EMS
  • Shop : Available at VIA VIA Gallery Jogja –  www.viaviajogja.com


TEXT / WHATSAPP : +628888705984

FOLLOW INSTAGRAM : @rumahprimitif

Link : http://www.rumahprimitif.wordpress.com


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